Strategic Confluence
                                                                               Bringing Energy to Intentions
Our Mission:    To transform visions to profits, rapidly and reliably

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Strategies that work!

Never before in history has there been a rallying cry for more nimble collaboration to create competitive products and services to be truly world class.
  • Visionary entrepreneurs
  • Savvy experienced virtual Operations
  • Product Development experts
  • Well crafted plans,
  • Energetic influential team
  • Unprecedented results. 
That's what we call a Strategic Confluence

Have you heard such stories? Would you like to create one? Please e-mail
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Shekar Reddy at (408) 893-2939
Lalit Sabnani  at (408) 623-1710
Pet Peeves

Pet peeves that irritate me! If these problems went away they would put a smile in my face. Every time I back out of a tight parking lot and see a car race by, hoping I miss them - just sends my blood pressure into the stratosphere. Do they think I have eyes behind my van that can see transversely from the rear! There must be a better way. The other day I almost scraped a young Jack Brabhams and his shiny Benz. If I had even nicked him, I shudder to think how high my insurance would go. Can we not just add a few cameras and some controllable light flashers and sound to get the attention of these parking lot zoomers.

And another thing that bugs me is this awfully poor phone coverage I have near my home. I have to strain my ears to hear what I just missed and then promise, please let me summarize what I thought I heard you say - just beats the value of two way communication. Is there a device or enhancer that can help me?

If you have a solution to my ailments or other pet peeves that we can resolve - drop a line to
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